After Rubens // Städel Museum
photos: Paul Levack

Gabrielle‘s Blazer (the detail of the pattern is movement), 2018
(streched fabric, varnish // 130x160x5cm)

state ooooof emergencyyyy, 2018
(streched fabric, acrylic hair, varnish // 65x160x5cm)

Emergency Exit Improvisation II, 2018
steel, print on acrylic glass // 40x20x15cm

Tabula Rasa, 2018
(steel, fabric, wood, acrylic glass, acrylic hair // 40x110x132cm)

Lost Dog II, 2021
(marker on inkjet print)

Lost Dog I, 2021
(marker on inkjet print)

Koi_Pond // AtelierFrankfurt
photos: Ivan Murzin

shocked dog reacting to metronome, 2021
(inkjet print on canvas // 65x110cm)

pipi, 2021
(inkjet print on canvas, epoxy // 65x110cm)

reflection in pan, 2021
(inkjet print on canvas // 65x55cm)

cadeira alentejana, 2021
(inkjet print on canvas, foam, clay, epoxy) // 63x53x15cm)